How to teach a girl or a guy to do sex push-ups from scratch.

How to teach a girl or a guy to do sex push-ups from scratch.

There are many ways to pump your hand muscles. One of the easiest ways is push-ups. And the question is, how do you learn to do push-ups from scratch for a guy or a girl?

There is a special training program, which involves a gradual increase in loads to achieve more and more results. The result is that you can do at least one correct push-up, but at least 20 is better.

Push-ups for girls
It is important to remember the main rule – different muscle groups take part in the exercise, but if your arms are weak and legs are strong, you will not be able to push back accordingly. Therefore, if a girl has very weak arms, you should start by strengthening them. For this purpose, within a week or two, use dumbbells, which will help to develop strength and endurance. Spread your arms around, raise and lower them.

At the same time, learn to push up in an upright (standing) position from the wall. This is the easiest exercise. It is enough to become at a small angle, leaning your head against the surface of the wall, and then leaning your hands against it. At the same time, you need to keep your back and legs level. Perform the exercise so that you feel the tension. Without tension there is no physical development.

Push-ups from the floor
If you already have sufficient physical training, that is, you have strong hands, but do the cherished exercises until you can not understand how to learn to do push-ups from the floor will be easier. So, we’re in the same position as the standard floor push-ups. You just have to lean on your knees, not on your socks. Let’s do push-ups. Keep your back and legs steady. If it doesn’t work out, go back to the first exercise. There’s another option, hold the stand. It’s recommended for everyone, and daily. The stand is quite active in developing all the muscles of the body, especially the press and hands.

After the exercise on the knees is mastered, but to do push-ups in a standard position still does not work, you can try to use a sports bench. Especially good one, which is equipped with a lifting and lowering mechanism. In this way it is possible to adjust the load under yourself, gradually increasing it. Accordingly, the higher the bench, the easier it is to squeeze out. The lower the bench, the harder it is.

And finally, a few topical tips on how to do the right push-ups.
learn to breathe properly (tension – exhale, relaxation – breath);
build up repetitions slowly (no more than five every day);
don’t forget to warm up;
make sure your back is in the right position.
Taking into account the basic recommendations and doing exercises correctly, you will understand how to learn to do push-ups from scratch in 2-4 weeks (depends on the initial physical preparation).