How to learn to swim on your own, as an adult.

How to learn to swim on your own, as an adult

Knowing how to swim means knowing how to move in the water, staying steady on its surface without using any additional devices. You can learn to swim either in a pond or in a swimming pool.

If it is a swimming pool, the depth is selected according to the height of the person. It is necessary that legs are not stretched to the bottom. If it is a pond, you need to be at such a depth that the head and shoulders are on the surface.

We learn how to swim in a pool.
In a pool, as mentioned above, the depth should cover human growth. Hold on to the edge and let go of your legs. The body is in an upright position. Breathe in the air, close your eyes if you do not have protective glasses, let go of your hands and aim to the bottom. We touch the bottom with our feet, then we push off and grab hands over the edge, but before that we have time to breathe air so as not to swallow water if you do not have time to navigate where the board.

The next type of exercises is the same, but at the bottom you need to stand for about 10 seconds, breathing out the air. You can extend this interval. Repeat the exercises as often as you can. When you decide that you are ready for a full test swim, remember the following rules:

your toe socks must be stretched out
fingers should be together, it’s like we’re rowing water.
movements must be harmonious
How do we make the movements harmonious? You can practice your leg movements again at the curb. After that we start a full swimming without insurance (we do not hold on to anything). Remember! When swimming, you can not panic. You need to be completely calm. On training you will need not once and not twice, the recommended frequency of training – 3 times a week.

We learn to swim in a pond
It’s even easier for many people to learn to swim in a pond. Here, due to the shallow depth, you can train not at the edges, but directly during the swimming process. Remember that you need to breathe correctly, take deep breaths, so a person better holds the water.

How to learn to swim on your own, as an adult

To learn to just lie on the water to be able to rest while swimming, at shallow depth breathe in a lot of air and lie on the water with a star. Breathe out air, then stand on the surface, rest and repeat the exercise again. While swimming, make sure that your arms are bent in the shoulder by 45 degrees, in the elbow by 90 degrees. Always keep your fingers together!

Remembering the basic rules and a little practice, you will certainly learn to swim. And remember, it is better to have someone near you who can swim and help you in a difficult moment, if that happens.