How to learn to read lips, rules.

Reading lips is quite difficult if you assess such a skill from the outside without going into its origins. Many people know that people who do not hear anything, still understand speech. This means that it is possible to use the capabilities of the brain, even if they were not available before. A gypsy teacher is a specialist who teaches lip reading.If you can't go to him, you can use various...
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How to teach a girl or a guy to do sex push-ups from scratch.

There are many ways to pump your hand muscles. One of the easiest ways is push-ups. And the question is, how do you learn to do push-ups from scratch for a guy or a girl? There is a special training program, which involves a gradual increase in loads to achieve more and more results. The result is that you can do at least one correct push-up, but at least 20 is better. Push-ups for girlsIt is...
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