How to learn to read lips, rules.

How to learn to read lips, rules.

Reading lips is quite difficult if you assess such a skill from the outside without going into its origins. Many people know that people who do not hear anything, still understand speech.

This means that it is possible to use the capabilities of the brain, even if they were not available before. A gypsy teacher is a specialist who teaches lip reading.
If you can’t go to him, you can use various recommendations, and most importantly, to train.

Learning to read lips together is much easier. Find a companion who will read text from a book or magazine while you look at it. Try to make sense of what the person is saying. The important thing is that he or she speaks clearly without making any sounds. Many people only use their lips correctly during the speech production process, but they make mistakes when imitating this process. There is a simple solution – take the headphones, put them on, and your partner let him read the text in whispers.

Each has its own homework, which is to read the text independently. You need to not just say the words, but also learn to quickly catch how you do it with your lips. The ideal option is to put a large mirror in front of you, in which you can repeat the text, seeing the movement of the lips and facial expressions, as well as perceiving the meaning and technical component of words.

How do you learn to read lips on your own?
Speak the alphabet in front of the mirror. They should be letters in a straight line, alphabetically, as words and sentences.
If you can’t read by words, but you understand that the letters are already able to distinguish, go to the intermediate lesson – say syllables in front of the mirror.
Remember what movie or series you’ve already seen, but you liked it so much that watching it again would make you happy. Fine, turn on the recording, first with the sound, then turn it off too. Try lip-reading. Knowing what the meaning is in words will make it easier for you to understand them. And the movement of your lips in this case will be a clue, which is also useful in the learning process, until you fully understand the exact information from the mouth.
Take emotions into account. If not always speech is understandable only by lips, then in combination with mimicry it is easy to determine at least what direction the person says, negative it or positive, real history or humor, what feelings he feels.
Daily training at least for half an hour, you will learn to read on the lips for about a month or two.