How to learn to play guitar from scratch on your own.

How to learn to play guitar from scratch on your own

Playing guitar is not as hard as it might seem. It is important to familiarize yourself with its basic elements, tablatures and chords. Also important is the setting and the amount of time spent on practice.

It is important to understand that a week to learn how to play the perfect guitar will not be possible, even if you download the program-assistant training and simple tabs with a favorite song.

Preparing to learn
Preparation begins directly with the choice of the guitar, if it is not already there. If there is, we skip this point. As for buying, it is better to buy a classic model or a western. Further we adjust the guitar for further use. To do this, you need to adjust the tension of the strings. It is recommended to download the tuner – it will help you learn to play guitar from scratch on your own.

In preparation you need to learn the basic chords. Start with a few, then gradually increase the list.

Difficulties in learning
Many face difficulties in self-study. For example, you can’t fully learn one song in a week. The result will be, but not as expected. In general, to be able to play several songs completely, you need to spend at least three months. But during this time you will know a lot of chords and play more complex songs than it was originally.

Some tips for beginners who want to learn to play guitar from scratch at home:

How to learn to play guitar from scratch on your own

Practice every day. Here, as in gymnastics, one missed workout is two steps back. When you can play the whole song, you can increase the frequency of your training. From now on, you will hardly learn to play guitar.
Don’t forget to share your skills. Show your friends who can’t play guitar what you’ve already achieved. People who don’t know how to make mistakes will praise you, and at the beginning you need praise.
You don’t have to try to play a song until you’ve learned the basic chords.
Teach as much theory as you can. Practice is good, but in your spare time, pay attention to theoretical aspects, recommendations on studying chords, peculiarities of performing songs of different types.
Do not forget to record something that is difficult to remember. It’s better to write by hand than to save the information you find on your computer.
If you really want to learn how to play guitar, then home schooling will not be a hindrance. In principle, you will learn the same thing as in special courses, but it will spend more time, patience and effort.