Execution technique https://www.julianalucky.com/yoga-for-kids. In Tadasana, we check that the weight of the body is evenly distributed between the two legs: the bases under the thumb, little finger and heel are pressed to the floor. We transfer the weight to the right leg, and raise the left one, bend it at the knee and set it from the inner surface of the right thigh – closer to the groin area. We tighten the kneecap of the supporting leg, we direct the pubic bone towards

Summer yoga session on a beautiful golden beach – polish Grzybowo village, near to Kolobrzeg. Vriksha-asana – tree pose.

ourselves. We join our hands in front of us in namaste or raise them above our heads. We stretch behind the crown up and maintain balance. We remain in the tree pose for 5-7 breath cycles, then gently lower the left leg and perform the asana on the other side.

Simplifications. If it is not possible to place the foot of the bent leg near the groin, you can lower it to the level of the lower leg – but in no case rest against the knee. If it is difficult to maintain balance, you can lean your hand against a wall or the back of a chair.

Benefit. Forms a sense of balance and inner core, strengthens the muscles of the legs.