Rules of conduct in nature

Move from theory to practice – introduce your child to the rules of behavior in nature and

✓ You can not thoughtlessly tear plants, break tree branches, knock down mushrooms with shoes (even inedible ones). For the ecosystem of a forest, park or coastal zone, every element is valuable.

✓ Of particular interest to pests are butterflies, grasshoppers, dragonflies and People catch them and kill them for the sake of curiosity. Looked at and thrown away. But in fact, hunting for these insects is no different from poaching.

✓ Berries, nuts and other fruits of trees and shrubs are food not only for humans, but also for animals and birds. Collect them so as not to damage the branches, and also leave a little for our smaller brothers.

✓ It is better to build a fire in the place of an old fire. And then – be sure to extinguish, pour firebrands with water, cover with earth and carefully tamp.

✓ All garbage left after the picnic should be thrown away in specially designated places. Even organics (food leftovers) are better thrown into the garbage container than scattered around the picnic area.

✓ Animals should be treated with respect. Hedgehogs or squirrels, no matter how funny they are, are not toys. They should not be taken home, especially if they are hedgehogs or squirrels. In an unfamiliar environment, the animal will die or get sick.