Metta Meditation (Loving Kindness Meditation)

Metta is a Pali word that means kindness, benevolence. The name of this practice can be translated into Russian as “compassionate meditation”.

How to practice

The practitioner sits in the meditation posture with closed eyes and evokes feelings of love, kindness and compassion in their mind and heart. Start by developing loving-kindness towards yourself. Then gradually move to close people, and then to all beings.

It is recommended to build progress in meditation as follows:

– practitioner himself

– close person

– “neutral” person

– a person with whom a difficult relationship

– all people

– the whole universe

The feeling to be developed is the desire for happiness and well-being for all. Imagine a person, his suffering and evoke in yourself an unlimited heartfelt feeling towards him. Send him love, wish him happiness and peace. Of course, your visualizations may not change anything in this person’s life, but the more you practice this meditation, the more joy you will experience. This is the secret of happiness.

Is this meditation right for you?

Are you sometimes too strict and serious about yourself or the people around you? Or feel like you need to build relationships with people? Loving-kindness meditation will help with this. You can’t feel love and depression at the same time.