Math magician addition

Math magician addition

Studying at Math magician addition a university is just a way to ensure a comfortable life.
Such a stereotype provides a basis for almost all other misconceptions about higher education. The roots of this stereotype lie in a marked decline in the perception of higher education as an independent value. Naturally, at all times there were few intellectuals, people who enjoyed the very process of learning. However, if a person entering a higher education institution thinks only about getting “crusts” and not about getting knowledge of the specialty he is interested in, it makes sense to think about choosing another profession that can really arouse genuine interest.

Self-education is always better than studying at a university.
This stereotype is not without reason, because the knowledge obtained in a burst of sincere interest is better absorbed and remembered. However, independent education is not devoid of any noticeable disadvantages. In particular, this is the lack of systematic information, noticeable gaps in knowledge, lack of understanding of the fundamental foundations of the chosen subject. There are several stages of knowledge:

Math magician addition

A person does not know anything and cannot know it in principle because he does not know what kind of information is unknown to him;
A person does not know something, and can already know it because he knows what information is unknown to him.
It is by stopping at the first stage of knowledge that significant gaps in knowledge can be explained for people who have received self-education.

There is also one more significant disadvantage types of adverb clause with examples of self-education, which can be explained by a simple example. A person is interested in history, and wants to study it independently. Only a few people decide to get fundamental knowledge by means of textbooks, books, recognized by the scientific community. But on the shelves of bookshops there are always alternative history books with very questionable content. A person who has not received a real education in this subject, can easily give in to obvious misinformation, because his knowledge is not enough for critical reflection on everything read.

In conclusion on this point we can say that the value of self-education is very high, but it is much better if a person combines self-education with studying at a university.

You should enter a university immediately after school
This statement is partly true, because graduates do not want to waste time in vain, in addition, school knowledge is still fresh enough, which helps in the successful study at university. However, on closer examination, you can see many disadvantages of such a decision. With few exceptions, graduates choose their future specialty not sensibly, but under the influence of their parents.