Kindergarten common core standards checklist

Kindergarten common core standards checklist

It is well Kindergarten common core standards checklist known that training specialists abroad is a complex problem that no country has been able to solve completely. The main difficulty is to ensure the return of trained specialists to their home country. The brain drain toward Europe and on to the U.S. is a general trend that affects many countries. Some nations are going to great lengths to ensure their staff returns. For example, in Kazakhstan, students going to study abroad under the state program “Bolashak,” leave the real estate of their relatives as collateral, and after returning must work in their specialty for five years.

The program developed by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives suggests that after studying abroad young Russians will have to work for several years in scientific and educational centers of the Russian Federation, in public service or in companies with state participation. At the same time, Peskov admitted that so far there is no legal document that would prescribe penalties for those who will not return to Russia. However, it is already planned that the minimum cost of education per student will be $30-50 thousand per year.

Kindergarten common core standards checklist

Meanwhile, Rector of the Higher School of Economics Yaroslav Kuzminov questioned the very concept of the program. According to him, it makes no sense to spend taxpayers’ money on sending students abroad if young people are willing to go and study in the best universities abroad. Kuzminov proposes to do the opposite and spend money on purchasing specialists in the international labor market, both foreigners and our compatriots.

Moreover, it is not clear how such an ambitious program will be carried out in a situation where the national budget for 2012-2014, which the Duma plans to approve in its second reading on November 18, calls for cuts in education spending. Even if we find money to send students abroad, how can a country that cuts spending on education and science convince ready specialists to return and work at home?

Parliamentarians were ambivalent about the program of sending the best Russian students to leading foreign universities. Politicians gave their recommendations on how to kindergarten sight word list ensure the return of graduates and their employment at home.

Valery Sudarenkov, member of the Federation Council Committee on Education and Science and representative to the Federation Council of the Kaluga Oblast executive branch, was “surprised” by the government’s plans to send up to 10,000 Russian students to study abroad each year.