K-5 math

K-5 math

Each of us approaches training differently and this is not news. However, over the past few years, different styles of learning have usually been reduced to three main categories: visual, kinestic and auditory. In fact, these three styles can also be divided into categories, resulting in K-5 math a complex system consisting of levels and sublevels.

The learning process is complex, as everyone has his own unique style and approach to perception of information. Despite this, it is possible to refer to one specific style of learning out of 7 presented below:

Visual: This includes people who prefer to use pictures, images, diagrams, colors and link diagrams in the learning process.
Kinestic (learn by acting): This style includes people who learn by acting, drawing diagrams, using surrounding objects or participating in role-playing games.

K-5 math

Audio: This type includes people who focus on listening, use rhythm, music, listen to recordings, and make poems for better learning.
Verbal: People associated with this learning style use verbal techniques in written and oral speech, such as making notes or speaking information out loud.
Logical: This may include those who prefer to use logical techniques to understand information. Such people understand well why they need this or that information, and see it better in perspective.
Social: Those who like to engage in groups or couples, focusing on interaction with others in the learning process, relate https://argoprep.com/blog/k-5-math-teaching-resources-finding-them-online/ to this learning style.
Secluded: People who like to learn by themselves are often self-study.
In fact, we may belong to a category, depending on what we teach and under what conditions. Some subjects are better suited to certain learning styles, and sometimes a combination of styles is the best way to learn. If possible, it is recommended that you use different styles, and this is useful not only for better comprehension, but also for preserving residual knowledge.

Online learning, which involves watching videos, reading, listening to recordings, practicing exercises and communicating on forums, is a great way to combine different styles.

If you are a teacher or educational designer, and you develop curricula that make them available for learning through different https://argoprep.com/blog/1st-grade-math-worksheets-vs-activities-online/ styles, you will achieve better digestion.