How to learn to play chess from scratch, tips.

How to learn to play chess from scratch, tips

To learn to play chess you don’t have to sign up for courses or go to specific schools. The time that can be spent on full home schooling once a day in the evenings – from three weeks.

Chess rules
Chess implies a rivalry between two people sitting opposite each other.
There are 64 fields in total, which are divided into two colours. Each has 16 pieces – 8 pawns, king, queen and two elephants and a horse. You have to put a mate to the king on the opposite side. That is the first conclusion: we predict the actions ahead. That is, we plan.

Determine how events can unfold, if you act in a certain way, consider the possible moves of the opponent. Remember, not always simple moves are the best option. You should also study the type of the opponent. There are people who act on the system – it is easier to analyze them and determine their actions in advance. But there are also more unpredictable people. The next important rule of training – devote a few days to practice the technique. Check if you play correctly, if you make any mistakes.

How do you learn to play chess from scratch, on your own.
There are several rules with which you can learn to play chess:

You can’t touch a piece if you have no plans to walk it. If you touch a piece of your opponent, you must take it. How will this help you learn? The culture of the game will tune you to the right thinking.
Control the time. At the training stage, sharpen your skills to save time. During the game, you need to record on the clock a certain amount of time, in which each player should invest. If you are learning on your own, consider this time. You can set any period of time. The main thing is that you comply with the terms of this rule.
During the game, move the King to the corner if possible. This is the best solution, the piece will be safer there. Keep a balance, not allowing your opponent to move his King to the corner, while spending time with his own.
Make sure that no piece is given thoughtlessly.
There should be enough of your pawns and figures in the center of the board.

How to learn to play chess from scratch, tips

You can also learn to play chess from scratch online, on the Internet many sites where you can play with the computer.

Now you understand why you need at least three weeks to learn to play well – because the main problem with chess tournaments – not memorizing the rules, and sharpening the technique of the game.