How to learn to draw anime from scratch, the basic rules

How to learn to draw anime from scratch, the basic rules

To learn how to draw anime, you need a little practice. In fact, the anime style is not so difficult even for a beginner who previously could not draw at all.

How to draw anime properly
There are a few basic rules that must be considered:

Keep symmetry in mind. Many things are symmetrical in anime when it comes to facial features.
Learn to repeat lines reminiscent of the curve of the face, work out the technique of drawing eyes for example.

The nose and lips are usually portrayed as small. However, much depends on the taste of the artist and the peculiarities of mimicry, which is displayed on the face of the hero.
Eyes from above should be close to the nose, but between them the width should be a long distance.
Eyebrows in the anime are not too distinct, thin, a little longer than the width of the eyes. It is the eyebrows in many ways determine the emotions of the character.
Especially important in anime to draw the right hair. It is necessary to pay attention to their size – it must be large enough that the hair has been raised up and become a volumetric width. Hair is not drawn in the same way as in most other styles. In anime, they are depicted as pointed bundles sticking out in a certain direction – usually start drawing from the top, ending with the bottom (neck area).

Blackening of the face
Darkening, of course, with a pencil. It is better to black out one color during training – that is to make a picture in black and white. There are two options – creating shadows and creating highlights. Make the shadows easier than glare, because the shadow looks almost any area naturally, because its size and position depends on the light and size of the surrounding objects.

Flares are also easy to draw, but with their size and location is important not to overdo it. Flares should be white, better small. Arrange them under the eyes one by one, better on one side. They will also look good from the side, as if repeating the shape of the face.

How to learn to draw anime from scratch, the basic rules

It is also important to pay attention to the eyes. In many other techniques, they are drawn differently. In anime, you have to draw a figure like this:
how to learn to draw anime from scratch with a pencil…
Then we finish drawing the upper and lower limits, which will make the eye more distinct. They should go beyond the main line. The iris in the anime eyes is big, almost from the top to the bottom. We need to touch both boundaries.

How do you learn to draw anime from scratch in stages? You need to start with the outline of the face, then determine the position of the nose and mouth, then eyes, ears and finally, to depict hair. Then we draw the whole body.