How to learn how to sew and cut from scratch yourself.

How to learn how to sew and cut from scratch yourself.

You can learn how to sew yourself, but professional sewing is out of the question first. However, if you exclude the fact that you – the talent of nature, that sewing you will be able to quickly, easily, without training in professional courses.

However, in most cases, domestic attempts to cut and sew from scratch do not always turn out to be a success. You need to be prepared for this and you can’t lose heart.

How to learn to sew independently?
Among the basic rules of learning are the following:

do not forget about constant fitting – the less experience, the more often it is better to measure the clothes that are being worked on.
Choose a good sewing machine at once, but if you can’t buy one, stop at the budget option.
Buy good tools: needles, scissors, thread puller, thimble, meter.
Take the right measurements, remember to tie a thread around your waist.
You will need the following measurements (depending on the type of clothing to be sewn): breast circumference (measured from the back, top of the underwear), half neck circumference (at the base of the neck), first and second half chest circumference, half waist circumference, hips, half chest width, center of the chest, half width and length of the back, shoulder width, chest height and so on. The mark can be many. Often introduced additional, if the model of clothing is non-standard.

It is better to fix the results in a pre-calculated table – it is convenient, understandable and less likely that you will forget something.

How to cut and sew: sequence
Where can I learn to sew? Sewing courses, of course. They’ll tell you, explain and show you. You will be able to see, try, the teacher will correct mistakes and help prevent them again. True, you can learn sewing at home, using the Internet. Good, there is a lot of information online today.

The first stage – you need to take measurements. Depending on the type of clothing we calculate the table and indicate what to measure. It is difficult to do it independently – it is necessary to hold hands directly and be relaxed if it is a question of measurement of the case.

How to learn how to sew and cut from scratch yourself.

When the data is obtained, we make a pattern. You will need a pencil, office scissors, ruler, cutout paper. We identify the fabrics on the reverse side of the line to be cut. Do not forget that it is necessary to leave a place for connection of details – creation of seams, processing of fabric edges.

Remember that the patterns should be applied to the fabric correctly, so that the clothes fit well and do not spoil after the first wash. Then we process the fabric edge, sew all the elements of clothes one by one. The types of seams are selected depending on the selected fabric, as well as personal preferences. You can add designer seams. When a thing is sewn, it needs to be well experienced.