How to learn how to knit with spokes for beginners quickly and easily in stages.

How to learn how to knit with spokes for beginners quickly and easily in stages

Knitting with needles is a simple enough way to create clothes and jewelry. Only one thread and spokes are used during the work. The essence comes down to creating loops and intertwining them with each other.

You will need patience and love for the job, but the speed of work can be achieved in a few days.
Beginners should start with something more simple, such as a scarf. Try tying up a scarf that is not too wide and long. Use not just text for training, but pictures that show how to hold the needles in your hands, how to perform actions.

Leave a thread about 10 centimeters long first. Don’t be afraid to spin with your hands, but try to repeat the actions every time so that the loops are equal in size and tilt. Remember: knitting is like handwriting, you need to work on it to make it clear and well-defined.

How to learn how to knit with spokes from scratch on a pattern…
Choose simple schemes first, with a description marked with numbers and explanations.
While knitting, keep your fingers close to the ends, do not tighten the threads too much so that there are no problems with moving the loops. Control the knitting force so that there is no situation where part of the loops are loose and part is tightened. This will deform the size of the product.
Make sure that the spokes number matches the selected thread.
Find information on which garments are better suited for certain types of threads. There are many threads, and they differ not only in colors.
Try two types of spokes – normal and circular (cylindrical). Note that in fact the spokes are not only different in type, but also in material. It is better to use metal, but in some other types of spokes have their advantages.
For knitting stockings, socks, sleeves, seals it is better to use cylindrical circular spokes, and for straight elements straight. One product can be connected from several types of needles and using different threads. The main thing is to provide all the details.
It is also recommended to immediately try to knit face loops with the seam, creating a certain pattern. This will help in the future to cope with the study of various designs and designs in knitting to create clothes. And, of course, without patience and desire to learn how to knit serious things here nowhere, though to start quite realistic and simple.