How to help a first grader survive stress?

In our article, we will give advice to parents of first-graders that will help the child quickly get rid of stress and read

Noticing changes in the character and behavior of a first grader, parents should immediately take decisive action to help the child overcome fears and insecurities in order to quickly adapt to the school community. What should parents of first graders do?

– Talk frankly.

Parents need to take the initiative and be the first to start a frank conversation. They need to understand that the child spends a lot of time at school, almost as much as parents at work. And he gets very tired.

A heart-to-heart conversation will help the child understand that his parents went through the same tests in childhood. Say that you understand him and are ready to help in any situation. The child must know that he is loved and understood.

– Be patient.

Forget about criticism and raising your voice. Better remember yourself at this age. Try to wake him up with a smile in the morning, cook his favorite breakfast, wish him success, keep abreast of all his affairs. Be interested in how the day went, what new things he learned, who he made friends with, etc. Read

– Do not express dissatisfaction.

If a child hears enough of your instructions, offensive statements in the morning, then he will experience emotional excitement all day. This will affect his health, behavior and grades.

– Do not load the first-grader with a lot of extra classes.

It is already difficult for him to behave correctly at school all day long, to think and answer. Let, at least for a few months, he will undergo adaptation at school, get used to the workload and the team. And then you decide together where it is better to go to study additionally.

– Solve his problems.

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If the child does not develop relationships with classmates or does not have contact with the teacher, then go to school more often to get to know the class teacher and his peers better. The constant communication of parents with the teacher, as a rule, always helps the child in improving academic performance and in making contacts. Teach your child how to behave in different situations.

– Do not scold for delays.

Bad grades and behavior are not a reason to punish the baby. He has not fully adapted yet, so you need to wait a bit and everything will work out.

– Spend a joint vacation.

The child needs parental contact and joint rest. Be more often in the gaming halls, in nature, in the park, in the cinema or just for a walk around the city. The child, like parents, needs to be distracted from study and school worries.