How to get a child interested in math?

How to get a child interested in math uncluding adding doubles minus 1?

Mathematics is one of those sciences without which the full, harmonious development of the child’s intellect is impossible. This science gives an idea not only about numbers, but also about shapes, sizes, properties of objects, space, time. But many children find exact science too difficult and incomprehensible, so they do not like it. How to develop an interest in mathematics in a schoolchild? If you think that this problem is insoluble, then you are very mistaken.

How to get a child interested in math? All about the benefits of an exact science
Have you ever thought of the fact that children’s perception of things depends on how they perceive we, adults? So, if you want your baby to love the science of numbers, learn to love it, talk about it only positively.

Why is it important to teach math?
Mathematical methods, patterns are found in every natural science.
With math including adding doubles minus 1, we can measure, calculate, and get a complete picture of everything in our world: from a recipe for borscht to building a skyscraper, from sewing a shirt to designing an airplane.
When children learn math, they develop logic. Logical thinking is necessary to understand the essence of things, the relationship between different indicators (phenomena). To understand means to make sense of it, to draw the right conclusion and find the right solution.
“It is often said that numbers rule the world; at least there is no doubt that numbers show how it is ruled”(I. Goethe). Indeed, exact science helps in the ordering of all sciences and knowledge on earth, and for each individual it is a tool for effective ordering and application of knowledge.
Ideas: how to get your child interested in exact science
Do you know why some students don’t like math? There are several reasons:

Parents loaded with math problems from an early age, while the kid wanted to play or was not yet ready to learn the exact discipline;
the student is afraid to make a mistake, because he is severely punished for bad grades;
parents repeatedly say in front of the child that he has no mathematical ability;
Math lessons are boring.
How do you make math understandable and interesting to a student? Tips for parents:
Interest your child with illustrative examples. From the very introduction to the world of numbers you need to use improvised objects. This way it is easier for the little pupil to understand the essence of numbers.
Make learning fun, turn it into a game. Children are able and love to play. Taking an active part in an educational game, they learn not on paper, but in practice. This is the most effective way of learning.
Praise. A child who is praised, feels confident, not afraid of difficulties, so they cope with difficult tasks.
Motivate, using the student’s personal motives (the need for recognition, the joy of winning).
Enroll your child in group classes. For children 5-11 years old, the social factor is of great importance. Learning in a group stimulates learning better, because there is both competition and a commonality of interests.