How to cultivate independence in a child

Self-reliance and know what are prime numbers is an important quality that every person needs. From an early age, you need to teach your child to be responsible for their actions.

What could be more enjoyable than caring for your child? When a baby is born, he needs a mother who feeds him, bathes him, puts him to bed. But over time, the child grows, and the moment comes when he needs to become independent. He is already learning how to tie shoelaces, dress, button up, put away toys. But in order for the baby to learn this, the help of the mother is also needed – it is the parents who take upon themselves the responsibility of fostering independence in the child.

What is self-reliance?

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Independence and know s adjectives is a personality trait, which implies that a person is able to act on his own initiative, without control and assistance, to carry out his affairs and be responsible for his actions.

Self-reliance is a difficult concept, you cannot instill it in a short time, it is a long stage that requires a lot of time and effort.

When should you teach your child independence?

Often, parents begin to sound the alarm in front of the school itself, when it turns out that their baby is not at all independent. But parenting needs to start much earlier, since this is a long process.

The first signs of independence in babies begin to appear already at the age of one year, when the baby is already trying to do something himself. At a younger age, there is a period when the child’s independence is especially pronounced, it is called a crisis of 3 years or “myself”. At this age, the baby does not allow his parents to help him and prefers to do everything himself. It is during this period that the child begins to perceive himself as a separate person, he grabs a spoon, tries to button his clothes himself.

How to teach a child to be independent?
It is necessary in every possible way to encourage the child’s desire to do everything including cogat test grade 1 on his own. Of course, it can be difficult to wait for the baby to get dressed by himself, especially when you are in a hurry, but you cannot scold the child and do everything for him. In this case, he himself will not master these simple actions. It is better to start getting ready in advance, in this case, the child will have time to get dressed, and you will not have to worry.

You don’t need to constantly monitor your child’s actions and relationships with peers. The kid himself must learn to communicate, get acquainted, quarrel and put up.

When children turn 4, they should already have responsibilities. The child must collect and put away his toys himself, wash his hands before eating, brush his teeth.

Often, parents like to interfere with the creative process. You can’t do this. Let the child learn to cut and sculpt figures himself, yes, the first work will be uneven, but gradually the kid will master everything. If you want to help a child, it is better to use a similar phrase: “How beautiful you are at. Look, if you try to do this, it will turn out differently, ”and so on.

But if the child asks for help himself, then in this case there is no need to refuse him. Show how to act in a given situation, and patiently answer all questions.

For the independence of the child, it is important that the mother is not around all the time. Take him to a kindergarten or a children’s development center, where the baby can be left without parents for some time. At first it will be difficult and unusual for him, but after a while he will get used to it. By the way, if a child regularly attends preschool institutions, then it is much easier for him to adapt at school, the transition to the status of a “student” is less stress. These children tend to have much fewer academic problems.

Developing self-reliance is a complex and lengthy process. Of course, it is difficult for parents to let go of the child and allow him to do something on his own, but you cannot control him all the time, because in this case a person will grow up who is not adapted to adult life.